Apr 24

The Vaulted Files: Lessons in Juicing

A couple of months ago my parents introduced us to juicing.  Mom and Dad were experimenting with juice recipes and happily sharing their discoveries.  A few days before my own introduction, they showed my husband the wonders of the juice machine and enthusiastically gave him a glass full of some celery concoction.  Dom is NOT …

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Apr 21

The Vaulted Files: Infestation??? Horrors!!

I have a rather insane storage vault of unpublished posts, both for this blog and for my life and love ramblings over at DomAndLori.  Some of them are not just unpublished, they are unfinished.  But I intend at some point to publish them anyway. Here is the first to come out of the vault:    Let …

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Apr 17

Zip-a-dee Do!

I don’t know about you, but I’m having a hard time with my recipes lately.  Forget that I am trying like the devil to find healthy, real-food recipes the whole family can enjoy.  I get distracted.  Online recipes are more attractive to me than Sam Elliot.  Seriously.  (Don’t judge…I’d follow that voice anywhere!)  If only …

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Apr 14

Why No Wheat?

I had the “wheat-free” conversation with two friends recently, which prompted me to write this post.  Over the course of the last year and a half whenever I tell someone that I try to follow the Paleo lifestyle for eating, they always ask why I don’t eat grains.  I suppose sugar is a no-brainer for …

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Apr 03

Where Did I Go Wrong??

That’s a rhetorical question, of course. I know exactly where I went wrong.  No need to rub it in. It all started a little over a week ago when Victoria popped a piece of Juicy Fruit gum in her mouth.  Wow…Juicy Fruit.  I used to LOVE that gum when I was little.  My immediate reaction, …

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Mar 27

The Minimum

While driving to work a while ago I noticed a new billboard.  It has a smiling man on it with five simple words: “Do the minimum.  (I do.)”  Way to instill confidence, SafeAuto.  I can see how “good neighbors” and “good hands” would be a turn-off.  Your marketing reps must be proud. Despite that this …

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Jan 25

Here But There

Sorry for being  MIA again.  I haven’t been able to complete a blog post for what, four months now? I’ll start one and then it just sort of fizzles.  I think I have writer’s block.  It’s showing up in other areas of my life, too.  Time to banish the demons.  ;)  I once read that …

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Sep 10

My Wishlist for App Developers

OK, the last time I ranted about my information needs I got a pretty good response.  And my previous posts about iPhone apps have gotten decent attention from the developers.  So here is my Issue Du Jour: I recently upgraded my phone and lost most of my apps in the process.  Not lost as in …

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Jul 19

Catching Up

Sorry, y’all.  I took a little unintended snooze for a while and neglected my blogs, my email and life in general outside of Poca Voglia.  I practically dropped off the map.  I’m actually surprised the Internet still knows me.  I logged in only to pay bills and buy things from Amazon.  (I heart Amazon.)  My …

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Jun 17

Keep Calm and Carry On


Victoria and I did a novel thing Friday night.  At least, it was novel for us.  No one else in a three hundred mile radius would have blinked an eye, but we established a new mother-daughter bonding activity: Trampoline Manicures.  You must realize that the novelty of this is that I actually, in fact, enjoyed …

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